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A memorial is much more than a piece of marble or granite. Within the confines of its structure there is evidence of a life that was lived, shared, appreciated and remembered.
Yet the commemorative value is not the only benefit of a memorial. The time invested in wording the inscription, the choice of an appropriate stone, the discussion of colour, shape and design all become a vital part of the healing process - the acknowledgement that someone has died is an important first step in facing the reality of loss.
Once, erected, the visible memorial holds the potential of becoming a focal point for remembrance and for grieving - learning to let go of a special relationship is a gradual and painful part of grief and for some grieving people a memorial can represent a place to 'be with' or feel 'close to' the person who has died.

For future generations, a memorial is a link with the past; it is documented evidence of a family's history and heritage. modern day memorial practices such as scattering cremated remains or donating gift to charity may be practical options to consider but they are no match for the solid statement made by a lasting tribute etched in stone.
In effect there is a real sense of comfort in knowing that a monument is a symbol of performance - and enduring tribute to a person whose life is remembered and an acknowledgement for those who continue to remember.

Doris Zagdanski
Grief Counselor

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